Friday, June 20, 2008

What you take with you.

I hate last days. I've moved around a lot, had a number of last days and given my general state of mind, I give those last hugs listening to the little voice in my head say, "I won't remember your name in two months."

Well, I am kinda bad with names.

I'm good with personalities, though. This team will set types in my head for many moons to come - the ambitious production guy, the batshit bipolar cook, the seriously mellow dishpit king, the cake girl. Some people will be beyond recasting, like the handicapped drug dealer prep cook who wants to get it on with my little sister. I won't find another one like him. But those roles will be how they live on in my head.

There's some practical lessons gained, too. Some, I will work hard to overcome almost immediately. Others I will write down, or don't even need to write down, because they are mine now, incorporated into the whole. A few recipes, too. Like that flan. Without the cockroach. Don't ask.

There is still a little part that wonders what would be if I stayed. And what all of those people would become. But they will, in their own time and place, leave as well. I'm going on my terms, and that makes it worth the wondering.



Madeline said...

What are these weird ducks and why are they so shiny? They remind me of the really cheap (no offense) candles you can get with that really shiny waxy coating? Does that make sense? How goes the packing?

queenofsheba said...

Those ducks are marzipan and they are shiny because it was that hot and humid in the shop.

Madeline said...

are you mad I said they looked like cheap candles? Found the Chocolates and confections book by peter P grewling at the library yesterday. It even has a frappe recipe in it. I love this book!

queenofsheba said...

No dude, I thought the shiny thing was mostly appalling, since it was going out for the family of one of our sales team - looked like it had been shellacked in egg white.