Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Theoretically Life-Changing Event

My niece and namesake was born at the time this bread was being baked, on April 9th.

If you don't know what TED talks are, basically there is a conference (now international) where people are invited to talk about something that matters to them. The results are fascinating, educational, and, as intended, worth sharing.

Peter Reinhart does this talk about the cycle of life as manifested in bread. Now, personally, I don't think about my doughs this deeply, philosophically. But somehow, at this time, I felt this was a good thing to share.

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Anonymous said...

I was fortunate enough to spend several days with Peter in Charlotte, SC. We bonded over being New England boys making biscuits in the South, and the importance of believing you can do so despite the fact that those around you believe you can't. I've seen him give essentially this talk over an hour, but as always with a TED talk, it's amazing how good it can be when compressed into a much smaller time-frame. Thanks!