Sunday, October 25, 2009

A quick Shout Out

My sweet friend SisterDiane (Diane Gilleland) does a podcast and blog about all things crafty, particularly if it involves building community through social networking, supporting independent crafting or the joys of plastic canvas. She is not a cook, which makes her a nice conversational change of pace in my world, but she does appreciate cooking as a craft.

She decided she wanted to do a podcast on cooking and interviewed me about things like finding inspiration for cooking after doing it all day and how to avoid burnout; I'll probably explore some of those ideas here more later, because they are interesting topics. For now, though, I'm just going to mention this and go back to finishing the next video post.

Coming soon, upsidedown cake!


ThePooh said...

zomg! I totally missed this. I'm listening to it now. :) You internet celeb, you.

Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed your podcast with Sister Diane, and thrilled I found your blog. I, too, love food, and study it, and make a passionate game of what to eat for dinner, getting stuck over and over until I 'get it right'. My DH (dear husband) gets a "this is an experiment" for dinner sometimes, and I hear "don't mess with it anymore!" occasionally. What fun. Thanks.