Sunday, May 17, 2009

the things we sacrifice/ things we gain

nights, often
weekends by the calendar's definition
financial stability
luxurious benefits
the ability to call in for a "mental health" day
mostly the ability to call in at all
various body parts - feet, knees, back, wrists
friendships with people with "regular" jobs, often

a deep connection with our coworkers
friendships that can withstand anything
instant camraderie from others in the industry
sexy, sexy forearms
the ability to say "I made that"
amazing acts of generosity
great stories
a finely honed bullshit threshold
appreciation for leisure
beautiful food, and the chance to eat it

1 comment:

Madeline said...

I love these:
sexy, sexy forearms (also known as the wrists that can never ever wear a bangle bracelet again! I can't even get anything over my fat pastry hands.

a finely honed bullshit threshold (oh sister, do I hear this one loud and clear!)

Here's to:
- tons more weekends and holidays worked
- those amazing familial ties
- more inspiration and discovery
- and continuing passion!